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Published on 17th July 2019


As usual Roberta goes to the bathroom to start her daily routine. She closes the cabinet door after grabbing her toothbrush, then inevitably, starts exploring her face in the mirror. Her thick heart shaped lips. She definitely got her lips from her dad. She remembers her mother telling her to stop digging up her nose as a little girl because that will widen her nostrils. Now she is thinking that her mother was right. Her nose looks huge, she wonders if it was always that big or did it get bigger as she got older? Moving up she looks at her uneven eyebrows and her high cheek bones. People say high cheekbones are elegant but she doesn’t understand what’s so great about them. They make her face look super round. She starts to check if she has wrinkles on her forehead and then she sees it. Her heart skips a beat, her jaw drops and her nose scrunches. It is the indication that time is moving, life is passing and she is getting older. At the very edge on the right side of the front of her head there is a white hair! No!

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