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Let me die - Part II

Published on 8th August 2019

In that moment, emotions intensified, breathing did not matter, nothing could help redirect those condemning thoughts in his head. In that moment, Elijah blinded by fear and feeling defeated, asked for death. Dying looked like a tall glass of cold water in a scorching hot desert.

It's a human feeling to want to die sometimes. At some point in your life you will experience the sound of death knocking on your door and you might smell the scent of the grave in it's breath while it calls your name.

Suicidal thoughts have been with me since my pre-teen years. I remember feeling trapped and not seeing the solution to the problem. I wanted a way out and the only way out my human eyes could see were to put myself to sleep forever. The future looked dark and full of more pain and suffering. What was the point of living through that? 

When you're having those thoughts, it's nearly impossible to hear God's voice. But just because you can't see Him or feel Him, it does not mean that He isn't there. 

He understands every single emotion because His only son experienced it on his last hours on the cross.  

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